A peasant boy named Koli is taken from his family and raised by Vikings. Twenty years later, he fights next to them, adopted into their warrior clan despite his peasant status. Soon after finding an ancient egg in a monastery, the Vikings and Koli are attacked by a dragon, thought only to exist in legends. Koli, in his quest to defeat the dragon, discovers his true lineage, that he is part of a prophecy ending in a dragon apocalypse. The fate of the world now rests on Koli’s shoulders as only he can stop the impending prophecy and become a true Viking hero.

Project Details

  • DIRECTOR : Todor Chapkanov
  • CAST : Harry Lister Smith, Jennyt Boyd, Oliver Walker, Ben Cross, Nate Fallows
  • GENRE : Adventure, Adventure
  • STATUS : completed
  • YEAR : 2014